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The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas January 2005 !!!

Even More from the CES Show in Las Vegas January 2005!

The Quick Reviews Page - Reviews of some neat new products and is updated for 2004.

Tales from the Dark Side Thing that make life as a technician tough.

Building Your Web Site What you need to know about building your own site. Here's how.

Review of Comdex 2003 The news and new products to take a look at.

Find a Host For Your Web Site is not as difficult a problem as I had originally thought. See how I did it.

WindowsXP Upgraders Guide If you are thinking of upgrading, here are some things to look out for.

Windows98 Problems - they keep troubling us but here are some tips.

Executive Software Site Keeper Helps you track hardware and software on your computers.

Largan Chameleon Digital Camera An interesting tiny digital camera.

Password Protection (Ilium Software) The best way to protect your passwords.

United Linux Yet another alternative to Linux by some heavy hitters.

nVidia geForce FX Graphics Processor A next generation high performance video card.

Iolo System Mechanic An other tool to help keep your system running right.

Disk On Key USB Disk Drive What may be the best way to move files from one computer to another.

Belkin's Drive Enclosure Build your own external USB2 drives.

Pentaware Pentazip A really good alternative to managing your ziped files.

Zone Alarm Pro The software firewall product to have.

Diskeeper and DiskAlert The best way to keep your hard drives in top condition.

Executive Software Undelete The Best way to restore lost files.

QuickLink Pen Scanner A Single line pen scanner.

The Digi Pen II is a three in one digital camera.

Biolink Umouse Is an interesting Mouse if you need true security to your computer.

JASC Paint Shop Pro 7 is a great image editing program at a reasonable price.

Golf Wits Quick Review if you want to improve your golf game.

Kodak DC4800 is a review of a very good 3 megapixel camera. From Jan 2001.

Windows 98 Installation Guide If you are thinking of upgrading to Windows98, here are some things to look out for.

Windows9x Tips & Solutions If you are still Running Windows95, here are some things you should know. Many of these tips will apply to Windows98 and others as well.

Comdex Fall 2002 - It was a smaller show but you know, it was still worth the trip out there.

Comdex Fall 2001 Show Wow, what a show, down from last year but still, some really interesting things.

Comdex Fall 2000 Show Full of Wireless, Mobile Platforms and Ecommerce before they collapsed.

The Comdex Fall 1999 Show Was the introduction of USB, PDAs, and a whole ton of new digital cameras worth looking at.

Selecting a Scanner gives you some ideas and insights on what kind of scanner you need.

DVD is  Here. What you need to know about DVD Drives for your computer.

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