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To Learn all about Windows 8, There is no better place in the world than the source. You can get the latest Windows Newsletter, search Microsoft's database, check the listing of complying applications, and even better still, get the latest patch upgrade to your version of Windows! Go to Microsoft Corporation
Having scanned through a ton of anti virus and anti malware software over the years, I have now settled on Kaspersky Internet Security or Kaspersky Pure. Best results, not intrusive at all, and it works great to keep my system from all sorts of infestations. Kaspersky
Adobe Systems besides being the maker of Type 1 Fonts (ATM) and Adobe Premier, Pagemaker, Illustrator, Photoshop, and a host of other great graphics package available have also produced the best way to share documents in Adobe Acrobat. You can jump over to them to get a copy of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to allow you to read their PDF documents at Adobe Systems Corp.
If you are Looking for drivers for almost any piece of hardware ever made, then go to one place: The Driver Zone

Now the Fun Stuff ! and here are the new ones...

London's 48 Hour Film Project

Arizona's Hualapai Indian Reservation

Nasa's Earth Observatory

Quiet Computers - End PC Noise

The Luminous Landscape

Internet Chinese from Dr. Tien

Project Gutenberg's Free Books on the Web

Microsoft's Power Toys for Windows XP

Hillsboro Area Atists (NH)

Snopes Urban legend page tells you all about those chain letters

Microsoft Carpoint Is the best place to find out about cars.

The Merck Manual Is the best single reference for medicine online.

The Louvre in Paris Is the best museum online in the world.

Christ in The Desert Is something unusual for a web designer and a Monastery.

The New York Times offers the headlines of the day.

The Everest Expedition from PBS Series NOVA, what a mountain.

APCUG is The Association of PC User Groups, Look for a computer user group in your area.

Wine Spectator On-Line Wines, Food & Travel for new selections in wine and travel.

Stephen Johnson Photographer Index For some Incredible Photographs captured with a digital camera.

Take a look at the Last Worlds Fair of the 20th Century Expo98.

The World of William Shakespear.

For some Great Financial Information go to Quicken.

One of the Most fun trips we did was to Portugal.

How about Secret Garden, some great music.

American Orient Express Want to Travel America in real comfort and luxury ?

The CIA World Fact Book, If you want information, here is the place to go.

Rick Steves is one of my favorite travel writers, catch his PBS shows.

To Travel America, the best place to start is our own US National Park Services.

Want a view of Cuba from their perspective, Granma International is the top newspaper in Cuba.

Our favorite California Winery is Benziger. Great stuff.

For investment advise and information, go to the Motley Fool.

Want to know where all those Software Easter Eggs are hidden?

The Northern Lights have always been one of the most fascinating and marvelous sights to see.

Speaking of Lights, take a look at the lights of North America from space.

One of my favorite mystery writers is Terrence Faherty. Great books.

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